❤ 6/18-6/19 ❤


Abrann and I watched The Raven while waiting for his family to leave the kitchen. He doesn't like eating with a lot of people around. He's claustrophobic just like me!

"Grace is younger than me though, so I don't feel too old. She keeps me young."

Things like that always catch me off guard tbh! He said that while talking to one of his best childhood friends that lives in Germany. He offered to give us a free flight there to visit since he's in the military.

I'll really have to convince my parents to let me go. They would feel more comfortable since it's via airfare and not a car.


My GEO Tri World Color Brown circle lenses came in! They make my eyes look more hazel than brown, but I still like them. -___- At least Abrann said my eyes look "crazy hot." ;)

My cousin said my makeup looked like a dark angel, and one of my other friends told me I looked like a Japanese doll. I'll take it!

I feel like I'm cheating when I use a filter lol. I like this filter, but I used a different one on IG. :(

So here's what they look like in real life!

So, hazel or brown?

I'm iffy about this version that I posted because it looks like my nose disappeared here. But people started liking it so it's too late now. Sorry, I'm so fickle when it comes to how I look in photos! My contour powder (Canmake Nose Shading Powder) is starting to seem subpar. Maybe I need a darker one for more contrast...

I also jumped on the Revlon Lip Butter train! I chose Pink Truffle, and oh my gosh, it's the prettiest shade ever!

I've decided to give up on nude lip colors, as finding the perfect shade seems like too much effort. Pink Truffle is "my lips but better." It's the perfect neutral rose. It's also two shades darker than my natural lip color, which is the advised lip shade.

One of my less happier purchases is a lip tint from Étude House called Baby Choux Lip Tint in pink. It was a bluish based hot pink, and it totally clashed with my skin color. I was under the impression it would be a neutral bright pink. Don't you hate it when online pictures are misleading? Next time I'll select warmer colors just to be on the safe side. :\

I also spent my afternoon studying at Barnes and Noble. That caramel macchiato had me yawning like crazy. Caffeine usually has me staying up all night. Maybe I've just been really tired lately.

When Abrann got off work, we lied down talking to each other about random stuff, life, and everything between. That lasted for a couple hours LOL. We somehow got to talking about BSN stuff, and we devised a new plan. Looks like I'll be making some phone calls tomorrow. ;)

I honestly don't know what I'd do without him. He gives me so much insight about life and he's so knowledgable on almost everything. I'm surprised when I'm the one teaching him stuff. It's usually the randomest things I'll know that he doesn't.

Our conversation had us starving, so he whipped us up some rice, bacon and eggs


I'm always thinking about you hoping you're doing well. I loathe every second we're apart. I want to shower you with all the love in the world because you deserve nothing less. I'm not perfect, but I'll keep making you happy to the best of my ability. It's what keeps me going. I realize I am a lucky girl to have someone as amazing as you. You always do so much for me, and I'll be proud if I can do even half of what you've already done.

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