I'm obsessed with Turkish Angora Cats!

               *dies from cuteness*

I didn't realize there are so many cat breeds I wasn't aware of.

Deep down, I really want Lil (mine and Abrann's American short-hair cat) to have a friend. I remember when Phil (black cat) was still around, she'd always have a playmate when no one was at the house.

I'm not saying I will buy this cat (but I can dream!), but I want to share cuteness from a gorgeous breed I read up on!

The Turkish Angora breed comes in twenty variations, but I like the white one best! They seem so exotic! I'm so happy they're domesticated. They're said to be intelligent, energetic, friendly, and easy-going. They're so intelligent that deaf Angoras can be trained. They're so cute that some can ride on the owner's shoulder!

            Look at those eyes!

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