Products I thought would be amazing, but weren't.

Hey guys! I finally included my navigation bar to the top left so you can search for any posts you're curious about. Here's the scoop on how I feel about some products I loved at first site, but ended up breaking my heart. My views don't make it a bad product. It just didn't work out for me!

*some product names are clickable for more info*

Etude House Baby Choux Base in Peach: I loved this product for a couple months, but I learned that there are better primers out there (Missha Perfect Cover, hello!?). I also didn't like how messy application was.

Etude House Baby Choux Kissful Baby Choux Lip Tint: I bought this in cherry based on the other reviews images, but when I tried it, it was the brightest hot pink I've ever seen. Not only that, but it smelled like chemicals and was really sticky upon application.

Baby Lips in Coral: I really thought Baby Lips hit it out of the park for me. And then I realized the longevity and shades aren't that amazing. Especially Coral. The "fruit punch" scent was unbearably nauseating.

Tony Moly Lip Tint in Apple: This wasn't a suitable everyday color for me, no matter how sheer I wore it. I also felt like I couldn't wear this with blush which my face really needs (otherwise I end up looking washed out aka undesirable Snow White effect).

Maybelline Pinup Peach: I was really hoping this would be the perfect peachy color my skin needs, but it looked orange on my skin. Maybe I need to pay attention to undertones with peach lippies too.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Bulletproof Beige: I'm a die hard fan for champagne/beige highlighters, but wtf Rimmel? I love the shade so much, but after several hours the product would cake into fine lines and make the skin on my eyes appear dry because of the cakey effect it left. Yes, I moisturized my eyes, but they just couldn't see the light with this formula. After playing around with this more, I learned that applying lightly actually looks just right on me! 

Products I have and need to work with:
NYX Strawberry Daquiri (my new current red lip product!)
Palladio Lip Pencil in Grapefruit

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