August Favorites (End of Summer)

Hey everyone! I hope you've all been doing well. It's been really hot in San Diego, and I mean uncomfortably hot. Not good for a winter baby like myself! School's been occupying a lot of my time lately, but I'm ahead on my readings, so I wanted to quickly update what I've been REALLY loving lately. As time goes by, I become more aware of products that will stick with me for a while.

Tan ankle boots

Ever since the semester started, I've been wearing a pair of these to match with a casual (but cute) girly outfit. I normally wear mini platforms/wedges, but this style is perfect to tone down a look while showing you have great style. I have boots very similar to these ones from H&M. The block heel is 2.5", but very sturdy, so I can walk around campus with ease! I also love the zipper because it secures your foot in place while allowing you to take the boots off easily. The nice thing about this style is it is sold in a lot of stores. Try Forever 21, H&M, DSW, etc.

Elf Studio High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder

You know how I said it's been hot lately? This product saves my concealer from melting and creasing. It's so easy for makeup to transfer around once your face meets some heat, but it can be prevented! I'm glad such an important makeup staple can be purchased for no more than two dollars. Lucky for me, my local Walmart has an Elf section!

I think the secret as to why this works so well is because of the finely-milled powder. It fills in any of those fine lines and holds the concealer in place. It also has light-reflecting particles that hides any imperfections, making you look bright-eyed and awake! I'll even lightly dust this on my nose highlight or on my forehead!

Maybelline Define A Lash

Most of us know by now that Maybelline can be a hit or miss, but Define a Lash hits the nail on the head! This product does exactly like it sounds. I didn't realize how important defining and prepping lashes was, especially for someone like me, who needs the extra help! My lashes are very Asian, meaning they're straight. However, they are a decent length. It doesn't matter how well my volumizing mascara works (I use Benefit's They're Real) if my lashes are stick straight! I only get waterproof mascara because it's lightweight and freezes my lashes in place. I've tried a lot of defining mascaras and Define a Lash is a must-have if your lashes need the extra help. Super Lash by Apple is great defining mascara, too, if you ever come across it. However, it isn't widely available.

I hope you all found this useful! I'm always excited to have a product that never lets you down.

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