Update: First Week and Other Things

Going to catch up on sleep this weekend to get rid of eye bags! =.=

I had a very good first week. Getting used to the traffic, waking up early, and budgeting my time took a lot out of me, but I'm glad I'm back to being productive again. As of right now, I'm enrolled in 18 units. One class is a real cakewalk, so I'll be fine. I'm really making it a point to get as many A's as I can, despite my full schedule. 

Also! I love how mine and hubby's schedule meshed perfectly! I was almost worried we'd have to work around opposite schedules, and end up missing each other!

I also dyed my hair back to a medium brown! Having super light hair was fun, but I love being a true brunette more! It also makes me look lighter haha. I'll take a better picture some other time.

Brown eyeliner top and bottom, black eyeliner top only, Holikaholika Pink Topaz eyeliner on inner bottom lid; mascara: Define a Lash x Benefit's They're Real

Tan-free thanks to my high SPF BB cream!

School aside, I also bought some cute stuff online! I haven't shopped in a very long time, and I've been itching to!

Dork Crop Top

I don't usually buy graphic tees, but crop tops are my absolute favorite! I love how they hug my body and keep things feeling light and free. I happen to like the font face of this shirt and "dork" doesn't sound too juvenile. Plus, black tops can do no wrong!

Blue Chambray Skirt

I'm not too sure about the quality of this skirt, but it is very reminiscent of American Apparel's denim circle skirt I've been wanting for so long. This is the cheaper alternative by forty dollars!

Peach puff sleeve blouse

This basic top can go with a lot of my skirts. I also don't have many light girly colored items, so this was a must!

Floral dress

I'm always going to have a soft spot for floral dresses or skirts. This dress can be worn year round; cardigan, or no cardigan, tights or no tights!

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