Sheer Cover + Other Things

I've been trying out some of Sheer Cover's products for natural coverage. So far, I like it! Especially the extra lengthening mascara and primer. The mascara seems to have fibers to add extensions to my decent-lengthed lashes. The primer makes my skin a velvet smooth canvas for my Missha BB Cream.

Later today, I want to check out Benefit's They're Real mascara and  The Body Shop's "Rose Pink" lip tint.

Also, here's my vintage-looking breakfast! I think it's just the filter though! I tried herbal peppermint tea for the first time today. It gives an overly fresh aftertaste, and it is caffeine-free, so I'm still iffy on liking it or not. I usually like my teas bitter and sweet!

For some reason, I really want a crop top that says devotchka or muneca on it. 

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