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NTS: Use Define A Lash x Big Eyes mascara tomorrow. I recently tried Maybelline's Mega Plush, but the brush is too flimsy to plump my lashes. I also tried Sheer Cover's Extra Lengthening Mascara, but it didn't lengthen enough and clumped more than I would have liked it to! Guess I'll stick with my old routine!

Also, I bought the Body Shop lip tint! It gives the most amazing rosy lip and it looks so natural. I go for the gradient lip look, and it definitely gives you that "no makeup" look. My face looks brighter because of the rich rosy shade. One thing I found odd bout this product was that it doesn't stay on my upper lip as well as it does on my lower lip. I had to keep layering it for the color to stay. The lasting power isn't amazing either. After eating or drinking, it comes off a bit, but I love reapplying it so it's not bother!

I've also been loving my nail color lately, and I usually get sick of it right away. It's "Go Ginza" by Essie. It was my first time trying an Essie varnish. I usually walked past them because they were $6 a bottle, but I love the quality and color, I didn't mind at all. Essie has so many shades to choose from

Go Ginza is the lovely pale lavender shade above
Me wearing Go Ginza

I am definitely looking into more Essie shades in the future.

No segue way for this, but I really am getting excited about fall! Cute stuff is coming out everywhere, and I started local. Well, online.

Basic fall necessities: new utility jacket and heeled booties! When it comes to boots, they must have some heel or wedge. This style was perfect for me; simple (especially since I'll mostly be using it for classes) yet stylish. 

Lastly, my new Wayfarer glass frames are on the way. I'm going to be putting my new prescription in them. They're so cute and big! I like wide-set round glasses. I'm getting sleepy haha. I'll make a more thorough post later!

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