Cute Fall Stuff

I couldn't help myself online browsing today, and I wanted to share some stuff I found!

The socks at the end are perfect for fall. They're from Charlotte Russe, and for $5 a pair. I don't normally shop at CR, but I wouldn't mind snagging these!

The second thing I want is this cute pink Fuji Instax camera. My brother has a polaroid, and I've been wanting one myself for the longest time! This pink one is from Urban Outftters for $100, but if you google around, I've seen them sold elsewhere for $50. This is perfect for catching those candid moments you want to preserve forever. I used to have a Fish Eye, but haven't used in a while as I got too lazy and cheap with purchasing new film.

I've been eyeing these oxford platform shoes for a couple weeks now, but can't justify the purchase just yet! They're $70... I don't usually spend that much on shoes. But platforms are one of my favorite things in a shoe. Besides a wedge or block heel. I would love to wear this with one of my lace dresses or preppy outfits.

I finally found that muneca tee I've been wanting! I wanted it to say muneca or devotchka. It's the cutest crop top, but at $24. I usually get my crop tops from good old Forever 21!

These shoes are perfect for Fall because they look cute with or without tights! I have variations of the black shoe already, but I could definitely use a cognac and cream color! These were $25 on eBay.

Lastly, these are coats from Target. Rainy season is coming up so these are perfect for protection while looking cute! I hate heavy coats (not to be confused with a parka!). To the far end is a clear bubble umbrella! I like seeing the rain falling without getting wet. Although, you don't get much privacy walking under one of these. I have one already from Target, but if it ever breaks they sell them cheaper at Walmart.

More later!

Oh, and listen to this song. It will seriously lift your mood.

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