August Favorites

Hello again! Have a peek at this month's favorites!

Sheer Cover Base Protector Primer

I've always been curious about primers, though I never used one until now. I like that primers protect the skin from the environment by creating a barrier. This makes my skin feel like velvet, and keeps my BB cream on my face all day.

Benefit They're Real Mascara

I've been talking about this a lot recently, but this deserves a spot on this list! This gives me doll lashes I've always wanted!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

This product gives me a make up eye lift. Its awesome light-reflectors erase my dark circles and conceals any eyebags.

The Body Shop Rose Pink Lip Tint

Natural "make up no make up" look on my lips! I can't wait to buy this again and again!

L'Oreal Dramatic Brown Eyeliner

I don't wear black eyeliner anymore. Instead I use dark brown, as it looks more natural. I use this to line my top lid to make my lashes look fuller. The chubby pencil should last me for a while!

Maybelline Clean Express Eye Make Up Remover

Mascara is always the hardest to remove, but with this it comes off in a jiffy. I used to use baby oil, but Clean Express is much more effective!

Pure Moist Contact Solution

I know I hardly wear circle lenses these days, but this solution makes them feel so soft when I do wear them. I've tried Target's version, and that is subpar compared to this.

Nivea Soft Creme 

My skin can get dry if I don't take care of it, which is why this is a lifesaver! Its creamy richness softens rough elbows and knees, too! I like to lather this on at night and wake up with baby soft skin.

Forever 21 Cross Body Purse 

I haven't bought a purse in a while, but I'm glad I ended up with a pink one! I usually buy brown shades. This bag may appear small, but it can hold all of my essentials just fine! I like the pocket on the front side to easily grab my phone. The cross-body strap is decently long and stays secure when I wear it.

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