It's September!

Happy September! I cannot wait for the cold weather to start kicking in. I've been dying to wear tights again. I also feel like my makeup melted off my face today. But on the bright side, all this sweating has me burning calories!

I also feel like one of my eyes are uneven, and I had to compensate by adding more eyeliner to my left eye. Maybe I slept in a funny position or I just haven't noticed the asymmetry until now.


My mom's been asking me if I did something to my nose (sigh), which is really funny because that isn't the first time someone has asked me that. But it's my mom, so I'm just used to being under the microscope around her. It felt even weirder to defend myself by saying it's my nose contour. I also don't have that kind of money, so she should already know! As much as I'd like one, I won't be getting one any time soon (or probably never, who knows), but I'm just trying to be as content with what I can do with myself  within my means (makeup-wise heheh). When I slept over at hubby's recently, he randomly commented that I looked "really pretty" after I got ready for bed. That makes a girl feel really good!

He always makes me feel special, even when I least expect it.

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