Love Thy Self!

If there's one thing I've learned recently, it's to love myself. Accepting who you are and not feeling like you have to change for anyone. That's when you start to feel your best.

PS - Thanks for loving all of me

In other news, I've done it again. I reverted back to using falsies. They just seem to make my make up regiment go by faster while making it look like I have lush lashes. The ones I'm wearing here are pretty dense and one uniform length. I usually go for the flared out ones that make my eyes appear wider, but these ones are nice to when I really want my eyes to pop.  (As of late July, I've stopped wearing falsies again!) I haven't tried this pair out with my grey contacts I normally yet, but I'm looking forward to it. As usual, black liquid eyeliner on top, and dark brown pencil liner on outer bottom eyelid. Occasionally, I will apply mascara on bottom lashes, but that's only if I am going out or want to sport a bolder eye. It's so strange how pigmented my lips are (as pictured). I've been digging the cool-toned pink lip shades for going out. They complement my icy gray contacts pretty well. Usually on a school day, I opt without lip product and contacts, and can be perfectly content with how I look, despite the tired eyes.

I've also started using St. Ive's products again. I was able to find their Fresh Skin Apricot Cleanser. It is like its apricot scrub counterpart except without the scrub part and it is a cream cleanser. I'm so happy I found it because it used to be my holy grail cleanser a couple years back. I don't think they sell it in San Diego, but I stumbled upon it at a CVS in my boyfriend's area and was in disbelief they still sold this product.

As for hair dyes, I've been enjoying demi-permanent dyes. They are less harsh on my fine hair and deliver the shade similar to the box. I gave up dyeing my hair blond for a while, as I don't want to deal with the maintenance. I was able to lighten my hair myself, but my hair became so porous that my hair turned green/grey/white. It was horrifying because at first it was the nice dark blonde/light brown shade I wanted. I also think I'm not light enough to pull off a solid blonde color, so I'll enjoy being a brunette for a while longer. :)

Lastly, I'm making it a point to have a more nutritious diet. I'm officially sacrificing milk tea, sodium, and sugar. I bought a detox tea today and it's making my stomach feel funny, but that means it's probably working.

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