8/12: Blonde Hair, New Routine, and 5 Months ♡

I redid my roots today which took a good chunk of my morning l/afternoon. I used L'Oreal in Ultra light ash blonde and applied to my roots. So I was being more OCD than usual because I used this morning to "perfect" my roots. Before this process they were starting to get brassy, and I wanted them to match the rest of my hair. I officially think I'm an ash blonde now!? I left the dye to process for about an hour and a half until it was yellow/orange. In the meantime, I ended up continuing One Tree Hill Season 5. I've pretty much seen the entire series already, but last week I had a random OTH re-run marathon and decided to continue it until I feel like stopping lol. After rinsing and drying my hair, I applied L'Oreal in Medium Ash Blonde, and left it on for fifteen minutes to tone it. I rebleached and toned my brows today too.

Used the product on the left to "bleach" my roots and brows, the product on the right to tone them after.
And I love the results! I pride myself in being able to do my hair on my own, so I can avoid blowing money on a salon. Yes, I still don't trust them, but I might take a chance on a reputable hair stylist in the future. I'm especially glad I did this today so I could look good for my dinner date. Sky noticed and complimented me on it, which felt really good. It's crazy how having a good hair day can make you feel about yourself.
LOL my cousin after I told her I liked her eyeliner and hair today.
Some of the things she says to this day still takes my by surprise.

I also tried a new foundation routine today! I purchased a new foundation and settling powder; CoverGirl's Ready, Set, Gorgeous liquid foundation in #115 Buff Beige (6 USD) along with ELF Hi-Def Setting Powder (6 USD). 


I like the foundation formula, as it looks smooth on my skin and feels lightweight. The shade I chose matched my skin tone just fine. I read on reviews online that the shades tends to run light, so I didn't end up choosing the lightest or second lightest shade like I normally would. Also, this product didn't have SPF, so I made sure to use a SPF moisturizer beforehand (I used Olay's "sensitive" 30 SPF daily moisturizer).  After setting it with the ELF powder, the finish looked very natural. Compared to my previous foundation routine, I feel like it used to look cakey on me. I think the translucent powder instead of a colored powder contributes to this. However, throughout the night I feel like my foundation wore off a bit? I'm going to either apply more foundation or setting powder to fix this.
kawaii gif photo: kawaii gif 9 gNX7FTH_zpsdc046b5b.gif

More importantly, today was mine and Sky's 5 months today! Time goes by so fast when you're busy having fun. 

From this morning


This was our awesome ramen from Santouka located inside Mitsuwa in Irvine. I've actually never had the ramen at the Mitsuwa in San Diego, but I should go sometime to see how it compares. We also ordered gyoza from the shop next to Santouka, but I took this picture right when Sky brought the gyoza to the table lol. I got the Miso regular ramen (on the left) and Sky for Soy Sauce cha-shu ramen (on the right). I really love the ramen here compared to most places we've tried.

He came up with this reference after I kept calling him my "Yoon-iverse" LOL. His last name is Yoon btw.

This is the card he got me! It tri-folds vertically. I think it's safe to say that it's a tradition to receive one every month. I finally managed to fight the tears from coming out after reading this card, as I've pretty much cried after every card I've ever gotten. I'm such a softy. I think the gesture is so sweet. I make it a point to keep every card he's ever given me, so there's a plethora of cards on my wall by desk. I was going to get him one before I met up with him, but he beat me to our destination in Irvine, so sadly I couldn't get him one in time. He is honestly the best boyfriend I could ever ask for; always down for a good time, someone I can do everything with, all while my best friend and a lover? What a keeper! I'm so glad we're in each other's lives~ ♡

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