When I'm not on Wordpress I use this sometimes to write updates about my life, and whatever else my heart desires. I also started using Twitter again! I'm not sure if it is case-sensitive because when you search me, it includes tweets from my dead twitter. I, myself am trying to get into the habit of typing "@GraceOira" instead of "@graceoira."

Pictured further below is the dress that makes my boobs look good (as my cousin likes to say)! That's also her cleaning in the back while I'm not.

Eyes: Black liquid eyeliner, Superlash mascara top lashes, Miss Manga waterproof mascara on bottom lashes, Covergirl Eye Enhancers in Champagne; Face: Maybelline True Match Liquid Foundation W-1, NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla

Go follow her on twitter! We've been getting closer again lately, which is nice. She hooks it up for me whenever I watch a movie, and she's gotten to know Sky and some of his friends. Having each other around for two decades easily demonstrates how much we know about each other. She's been around for everything I've been through, and she knows my story. I really want her and my BFF Christina Miech to meet because I think they'd get along pretty well! I can't wait for Keana to turn 21 in October so we can TURN UP!

Earlier this week, I met a kitten that kept meowing outside Sky's window. I wasn't sure if it was a he/she, but it was ADORABLE. I named him/her "Ashe/Ash," on the off-chance that it ever comes back and lets us play with it. I recorded videos of it perched on a plant meowing and took a shot of it. I had Sky leave out some water and an open tuna can so that she wouldn't starve. That same day it rained (Sky and I actually went to Disneyland this day too!), and we never saw her come back. Welp, it's only been two days, so we're still hopeful!

Other than that, I can't stand the weather. It's blazing hot in the day time and becomes nice and chilly towards nighttime. I really don't like Summer weather...

This is a pretty obvious fact, but my hair has gotten lighter due to the combination of sunlight and because my hair color fades over time. I recently retouched it with Revlon Light Sun Blonde(?) so that it would match my hair extensions better. My roots were in desperate need of a touch up and I dreaded the process. I used Revlon Light Sun Blonde. Note: LIGHTEN ROOTS UNTIL THEY ARE VERY LIGHT BEFORE TONING. If they aren't light enough, and you tone them, they will still look brassy. Trust me. The rest of my hair was perfect, and my roots ruined it because I didn't lighten it enough. It ended up looking auburn, and then I had to tone it about three times with Revlon Medium Ash Blonde until the brass was gone. With this brand, I think using any shade of brown might end up darkening my hair, which isn't what I want until Fall. I might try going to salons to have my hair done in the future because I don't know if I'll always have the energy to maintain my roots.

Love Life
I've been dating Sky for almost five months now, and it's been nothing short of amazing. Our "monthiversary" will be on 8/12, and I think Santa Monica is somewhere in the plan! It feels like we've been together way longer, but that's expected when you are busy having so much fun. Of course, we've bumped heads here and there, but we always overcome our differences, and make up~! I still drive up here every weekend to see him, and on Wednesdays we meet in Irvine to have a dinner date. It's funny because last Wednesday, we went on a double-date with Keana and Phil. It was really fun! Phil kept telling us to pretend him and Keana weren't there, and uhhh, eventually we had to separate! LOL. Double date or not, I'm glad Sky and I put in so much effort to see each other. The reality is we have a long distance relationship, but it hardly seems like it with how often we see each other! I honestly cannot wait for him to move out so that theres' less of a strain at his household because I'm there so much. However, I am only in his room or in the bathroom whenever I need it, so I hardly cause a fuss. I'm glad Keana has gotten to know him a bit because we all get along! In the past, she wasn't close to my people I've dated in the past, so this is a nice change. My parents have not met Sky yet, but I told my mom I was dating someone. She just doesn't know where he's from. All in all, Sky makes me really happy. He understands how I work, my likes and dislikes, my emotions, etc. I'm also working on understanding him. Through that, we meet halfway and make it work from there. I can see everything he does to keep a smile on my face and I am so in love with him for that.

Instagram OCD
A lot of people know I'm pretty picky when it comes to how I prefer my photos. I prefer natural lighting so my skin looks bright and radiant, a good angle to capture my better side, and to show my hair length. And yes, I know. IT'S JUST SOCIAL MEDIA. I'm not a professional model or anything, but out of pure enjoyment, I am allowed to post a nice photo that I took, and share it with you all. If any of my followers are reading this, I just wanted to apologize for how annoying I might have been on IG lately. I upload, delete, re-upload again, and you're probably tempted to unfollow me, right? I mean, I don't mind losing followers, but I just want you to know that I don't do it to intentionally annoy you! That is why I don't try to re-upload it until really late at night or early morning to garner less attention while still getting likes from whoever is up around that time. I guess I have what you call Instagram OCD. I'll get fussy over a photo if it isn't bright enough, or if I change my mind on how I filtered something, etc. For example, today I uploaded the photo above, and eventually thought I "faded" it too much. I actually thought it would go better with my overall feel of my IG gallery (faded, vintage, cute, somewhat girly, asian feel), but then it was too faded? I also wasn't sure if I should just keep it as a profile picture somewhere instead of my gallery to avoid looking narcissistic. I've been better about posting less selfies, and in turn my IG looks more well-rounded. It showcases a piece of me, such as how much fun I'm having with those closest to me, as well as other adventures I have. I do wish my Instagram-OCD would go away. I feel rather silly admitting it, but I do have OCD in general, but it really shows on the IG platform. From now on, I'm trying to make sure that I absolutely like the photo I'm uploading before I share it with you guys, and in turn, you won't get annoyed of me! You know what they say though; "Do it for the insta!"

School And Such
I took two summer classes (one online at Grossmont) and another online at SDSU. The first one was pretty easy and I managed a B. This current one has two more weeks left, and it went by pretty fast! Every week my group and I have been meeting up on campus to work on our "research proposal." It's been a smooth ride for the most part. Almost everyone is hardworking and we get along pretty well. Can't wait for summer session to be over though! Fall semester has always been my favorite. New school year calls for a fresh start. Plus, I get to wear cuter outfits! Layering for cold weather has always been my niche.

Currently Wanting...

Eye makeup that makes eyes look bright, awake, and youthful! Especially with all of the broken sleep I've been having lately. I always try to look for accessible brands (I hate waiting for international shipping), so I research drugstore dupes if they're available.
  • Whitening Products
    • Silkia Papaya Soap
    • Diana Stalder Black Soap
    • Snow White Milky Pack
    • Star Beige (Rimmel Scandal Eyes Bulletproof Beige Dupe; Will check for Covergirl beige eye shadow)
    • Milk Tea
  • HOLIKAHOLIKA Jewel Light Water Proof Liner
    •  I owned this last year in Pink Topaz, and stopped using it because I thought it was too dry to line my inner corner/bottom lid, but I love the gold shade they offer! Maybe they sell it in drugstore somewhere?
    • Golden Bronze
    • Sand Dune
    • If you didn't know by now, I am a huge fan of blue-toned pink lippies. My current go to includes Baby Lips Pink Punch, but with the hot weather, I don't feel like dealing with makeup that has such slippery consistency. This is a lip tint comes in! Last summer, I was an avid user of lip tints (The Body Shop's Rosie Posy was my fave), and now Benefit has me eyeing this pretty shade. 

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