Meyer Briggs: Still an ENFP

Originally I started out as an ISFP "The Artist." That was last Christmas. Around February I tested as an ESFP, and a couple months ago I became an ENFP "The Inspirer/Advocate." Apparently, I'm still the same!

Sky's an ESTP "The Doer/Adventurer." This character analysis described our relationship pretty well! I love reading about personalities, character development, and how the mind works.


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  2. Those tests aren't always accurate. I always scored ENFP back in my partying days and so did my friend, but after all that ended, we realized we're actually introverts, so she ended being an INFJ and me an INFP. I'd say read up on the cognitive functions to truly find out your type. :) Or watch Michael Pierce's YT videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmDcT_Pujk8vOcxk_IcnxtQ

    1. Thanks cousin! I enjoyed our conversation yesterday. Hope to hang out with you soon. :)