Earth and Snow

Yesterday, I made a quick trip to Mount Laguna with my mom. The weather was interesting because it was raining on and off, but I was relieved to find a decent amount of snow upon arrival. Parking and traffic was awful, so it took a while before we could start venturing out. I haven't seen the snow in a year, and I felt at peace in this environment. I definitely needed the change of scenery. The suburbs can drive me crazy sometimes!

Mom taking shots while I drive

Mom taking in the scenery

Later that day, and after a much-need outfit change. I watched The Revenant with Johnny. Despite being a huge Leo fan, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. The gore and the slow buildup sort of put me to sleep, or maybe I was just tired before watching it. 

Tomorrow, I have to attend a study broad meeting for my China trip and then I'll be having fun enjoying free museums in Balboa! My inner wanderlust is dying to come out.

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