Skin Regimen

My products are easy on the wallet since I think drugstore products work just fine on my skin! I apply with a cotton ball for sanitary reasons.

My Skin Type:
Can be sensitive sometimes
Not oily
I hardly breakout (even during my period)

Here we go(・◇・)/~~~

-Doesn't start until after I shower
1) Pond's moisturizer (blue bottle)
2) Shiseido SPF 15 Brightening Emulsion

*After I get out of the shower, I dab witch hazel under my eyes to clean the area and depuff any eyebags present.
*Before I shower, I will leave either goat milk powder mix (includes lemon and egg white liquid) on my face for 15 minutes to brighten and tighten my face. I do this face mask every couple days.
*While I shower, I use St. Ive's facial scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. I rub very gently. I do this every couple days.

1) Remove makeup with Pond's cold cream (green bottle) until cotton balls are clear
2) Rinse off with water
3) Eskinol Lemon Toner— wipe around face (include front/back neck and clavicle area) until cotton balls are clear.
4) Pond's Moisturizer (blue bottle)

I will use Witch hazel in place of the Eskinol if I want to spread out the Eskinol's use since it's contents might be too acidic for every day use.

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