Manga Phase lol! "Say I Love You"

Haven't read manga in a while, but I stumbled upon this while my fiancé was playing WoW MoP and I was hooked! To put it briefly, it's about an introvert Tachibana Mei, who randomly becomes close with the most popular guy in school Yamato. All the girls love Yamato. He decides to pursue Mei because he finds her tough personality "interesting" and different from other girls. Conflict arises when more characters enter the plot, and as the protagonists experience personal changes of their own. These milestones and experiences test the strength of their relationship and love for one another.

Oh, I love a good romance!

The genre is shojou and the series has been ongoing since 2008! I'm caught up until Ch. 24, and I'm waiting for Ch. 25 to be released. I hate waiting.


No I won't read any other mangas since I'm very picky, but it definitely brought back memories when I was an in the closet otaku~ as someone once told me.

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