Butterfly Hand Smoothening/Whitening

I saw this eye-catching item on eBay and gave it a shot. It claimed to whiten and deeply moisturize hands.

One of the reasons I hate driving in the daytime is because of all the harmful sun exposure my hands get, which might cause them to age prematurely.

One box comes with a pair of gloves filled with essence inside. I left this on for thirty minutes, and I saw brighter smoother hands! I bought this for about $3 per box. So cheap!

Removes rough cuticles, dead skin and moisturize your hands. This gives you a pair of smoother, softer and whiter hands.

How To Use:
• Firstly, wash your hands in warm water and dry it.
• Wear masks for 30-60 minutes.
• Remove gloves, and rinse hands with water.

That being said, this stuff's pretty amazing!


  1. That's pretty good. I love products that whiten! I've tried hand masks from other brands before but I don't find the results long lasting. I'm currently trying those moisturizing gloves that are infused with moisturizing gel.

  2. I've never used a hand cream before! That has such a pretty name. Butterfly hand whitening. So what happens to the gloves? Does 30 minutes dry out the gloves or can you reuse?
    This really makes me want to try it out.

    1. Hello! There's plenty of essence in the gloves, and even after sixty minutes, the glove isn't completely dried out! The gloves are a one time use, so buy multiple pairs! I found this on eBay. If you want to check it out, the seller is "golden.supplier" and the product photo is a *really white* hand heheh. They titled the product "Anti-aging Anti wrinkle Moisturizing Whitening Hand Skin Care Treatment Mask" Such a long name...!

    2. Thank you! I actually tried checking on ebay yesterday by searching 'butterfly whitening hand mask' but I couldn't find anything. thank youuuuuuu :D
      I'm really going to buy some now. And yeah! That is a really long name xD But once again, thank yeww for telling me about it. I'm so excited to be able to try these out~

  3. I never used a hand cream this looks really interesting many thanks for share.



  4. Ohh this sounds lovely! I really want to try this now! Thank-you for your lovely comment on my blog! :) x Laura


  5. I always have a hand cream with me! bad hands makes me simply crazy!

    take a look at my blog, it will be a pleasure for me!

    kisses, Angy

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