Mini Haul: Etude House and The Face Shop

Shame on me for giving in to such adorable packaging... But I had to! I haven't been buying clothes lately, so I think I'm somewhat subconsciously making it up with skin care and makeup.

I'm very much used to doing my makeup the same every day, but with Spring coming up, I wanted to incorporate peach into my makeup palette!

At first, I was browsing through the new Étude House's Sweet Recipe line... and I was possessed. I also stumbled across the Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer and Face Shop Milky Tint shades, and thought, "Maybe I'll give the lip gradient one more try!" because I really want to like it and have cute small lips, too! I just need to get the technique down, and I've read that this lip concealer is vital to an awesome gradient lip!

Etude House Baby Choux Makeup Base in Berry:
This "color-correcting"-brightening-moisturizing product comes in three shades, but wearing "Berry" sets the platform for "pale, translucent skin." It also contains SPF 27! I feel that I will be either wear this under a BB cream or foundation depending on the look and coverage I'm going for.

The Face Shop Milky Tint in Baby Peach #2:
I'm so used to wearing berrys, and deep pinks, that I need this color in my life! Peach is a warmer color which flatters my yellow-based skin tone. I can't wait to pair this with a pale peach blush (Oh gosh, NARS Sex Appeal!?). There's so many gorgeous peach blushes to choose from, it's so hard to choose!

Étude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer:
I usually wear concealer on my eyes, but after reading the difference lip concealer can make, this was a must buy. Lip concealer smoothens out the redness in the natural lips, that way the lip product or color you're applying shows up better. Makes sense to me! Hm, this might mean I'll be able to pull off softer shades of pink now!

In the future, I'm definitely gravitating toward the Etude House Dear Darling Tints, as well as Etude House's Sweet Recipe Jelly Lips!


  1. Hello there!
    Lovely blog!!
    Followed you!

    Btw i see you play Ni no Kuni!!
    I can't wait to get started with the game myself! :)


    1. Hello! Yes, I beat Ni No Kuni! It's such a good game! Almost better than Kingdom Hearts!

  2. I splurge so much money on Etude's stuff! Although I feel guilty buying it outside of Korea because it's so expensive everywhere else ;__;

    1. Ooh! I bet it's much cheaper there! I just make sure I search very carefully on eBay! ;D Do you have any other favorite brands you recommend?