Sushi for days and my 3D XL

February ended too soon! I thoroughly enjoyed my favorite month of the year (due to Valentine's Day and my birthday!) with many activities and good company. But it doesn't stop there! You're all probably aware by now that Abrann spoils me to bits, and it feels like he does almostevery day. I'm so undeserving of this constant princess treatment! Yesterday morning we were wondering where my 3DS Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance went (along with The World Ends With You and 358/2 Days), and we could not find the darn things. Why did we care so much about finding Dream Drop if I already beat it? (Last summer, too, mind you.) I think it's because I love Kingdom Hearts too much, that losing anything related to it makes me sad! Abrann insisted we buy it because he hates it when I lose things. Aw.

Later that day we made a trip to GameStop and decided to buy a new Dream Drop copy, as well as upgrading my pearl pink 3DS for a pink 3D XL and purchasing the new Fire Emblem Awakening! I wasn't used to Fire Emblem gameplay. It's similar to Final Fantasy Tactics (which I didn't like), but the cutscenes are pretty cool and look like a real anime! I stayed up until 2 leveling in Dream Drop, and guess what? I'm attempting proud mode!

(whoa der)

Today was another great day. Abrann was off work at 1. I love his early shifts. We decided to dine at Sushiya after much deliberation and try new sushi flavors.

In addition to our favorite Unagi, Crunchy, and Philly roll, we ordered egg and tuna nigiri, and Gyoza for our hot dish. The egg nigiri was sweet, but tasty, and the tuna nigiri was also a delight. I didn't take a picture of the rolls we normally get, since we all know what it looks like! It feels like we've been eating out more lately— which I don't mind, but it's been happening more ever since Ab got his tax returns and he is making a lot more money with his manager pay. That's not to say I don't like eating in! We have a lot of fun cooking, but kitchen's usually occupied or we don't have any groceries to use. We must pay a trip to Vons soon!

And did I mention that Abrann loves my Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream I recently posted about? I also groomed his manly nails (they're so different from mine!), and he napped while I was giving him his "man"-icure! It must have been relaxing. Sound strange? Not to me! I think it's sweet when a guy cares about being well-groomed!


  1. food looks sooooooo good *.*

    haha, that mani sounded so cute.


  2. Mmmm:) I went for sushi yesterday and it was just what we needed!