Face [Sheet] Masks!

Hello again!

Every once in a while it's nice to pamper the skin. What better than face sheet masks?

These are a bit different from your average face mask. Sheet masks are soaked in serum or "essence" ready to be left on the face for amazing looking skin after!

There are many different types of treatments. I tend to like the brightening/whitening/moisturizing ones!

Some notable ones I've tried include

Milk Moisture Mask

I purchased this at the H Mart in Mira Mesa for 99 cents! While this did not whiten my skin like I expected it to because I saw it had milk (and milk contains lactic acid), it did not whiten at all. Maybe the lactic acid concentrations were really diluted? However, this did leave my skin feeling super soft and hydrated!

Love and Beauty Papaya Brightening Mask by Forever 21

Yep, I typed it! Forever 21 skin care!? Hahaha imagine that! Love and beauty is a cosmetics/beauty sold through Forever 21 and I must say their products aren't too shabby. Forever 21 is a Korean company, as is their Love and Beauty line, so I'm not surprised they'd do well in this department. As for the results, my skin looked two shades lighter. Wowow! And for $1?! Definitely repurchasing more of these!

My Beauty Diaries Alpha Arbutin

You've probably heard of this mask. This contains A-Arbutin for instant whitening. I wouldn't say this gives an obvious whitening effect, but I can tell my skin becomes brighter and more awake-looking!

My Beauty Diaries Bulgarian Rose

This is pretty similar to the A-Arbutin in terms of whitening and moisturizing. However, the A-Arbutin results are more obvious!

Look at my collection! I still haven't often around to using them all n__n".

I was reading some reviews on the more expensive ones that I wish I could afford like Sulwhasoo and Shiseido! The whitening results on those look impressive!

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