New Product: Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

I stumbled into this product while walking around in my mom's room! She has really nice pale skin, so any product she uses, I don't mind trying either!

At first I was skeptical of this product because of the general displeasure between Americsn BB creams vs. Asian BB creams. And then I thought, what the heck... Maybe this will be good. The SPF 30 is a definite plus!

This product focuses on age defense, it combats against those nasty UV rays and other harmful skin agents.

I am using Shade "1," the lightest shade of the bunch. The color was more pink, which is fine since my face is cooler than the rest of my body.

I applied a pea size amount with a sponge and it glided onto my skin effortlessly. A little goes a long way— however, coverage is buildable! The scent reminds me of Cover Girl's Nature Luxe Foundation (which really was nothing but a tinted moisturizer btw) but the scent isn't offensive or anything.

I set it with powder, and my skin looked brighter, even, and natural!

I usually don't have much faith in American BB creams since they oxidize like crazy (ahem Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream!!!!) but the color of this stays the same for the most part.

Stay tuned for my upcoming Asian BB cream review: Elishacoy Sparkling Diamond

*Below are the other skin products I used for the finishing look*

ALSO, I ate a blood orange today for the first time in my life! I peeled this and saw red and I was freaking out! Then Abrann told me its probably a blood orange. My mind was blown! This strange thing is actually just a mutated sweet orange and it has antioxidants which is uncommon in most citrus fruits!


  1. Oh really interesting product thanks for share.


    1. No problem! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I agree, I never use american bb creams because of the fact that they oxidize horribly. It's nice to hear this one wasn't bad! I like clinique products on a general scale :)

    Joyce @carouselstreet.com

  3. I was surprised by this product! I guess not all Americsn BB creams are bad!