Hubby was off today so we spent our day as couch potatoes! We picked up McDonalds, mostly because I was craving an oreo mcflurry in this hot weather. To my dismay, their machines to make it were being "cleaned." Abrann saw how sad I was, and he took me to the Starbucks next door!

When we brought our food home, we continued our Boy Meets World marathon. We're about halfway through season 1. Eventually, we dozed off until he had to leave for work. I miss him so much and I get so lonely at night, but I try to keep busy and look forward to seeing him the next day. He's off tomorrow! He told me earlier we should watch The Croods or Olympus Fallen. I want to see both so bad!

I then went home and later for dinner my parents brought home Chinese food!

Afterwards, I made a trip to Macy's and restocked my Shiseido White Lucent toner and moisturizing cream. The total was $116! But so worth it. ;) I also used my H&M gift card and bought some cute skater/A-line dresses! The light material and fun print are perfect for this season!

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