Let's talk revelations!

I woke up from a really strange dream. Basically I worked with Abrann like the old days except I was at a supervisor position in this dream. My dreams tend to lack coherency because next thing I know this random person that thought I betrayed them threatened to kill everyone at the theater. W T F. I woke up terrified, and went downstairs to make myself some green tea to collect myself. I also wanted to kick start my attempt in detoxifying my body. I realized I probably eat a lot of crummy stuff, and I should work on that. The last thing I want to do is gain weight. (╥﹏╥)

I also sorted out my FAFSA situation because loans are starting to become necessary. After I was forced to (it's true, they don't allow you to finish the application unless you answer questions) "understand loans and financial aid" on the web site, I learned my annual expenses are at least $13k.

I finally purchased my NARS Albatross! It was $30, but I used that gift card I've had for a couple months now. I am hitting pan with my ELF highlighter kit, so I wanted to try something new that might be better. I use this highlighter on my cheekbones, cupid's bow, chin, nose bridge, and collar bone. The smooth powder formulation looks very natural on my skin. I look more youthful and radiant (because of its gold sheen), especially when I'm under light!

Remember the two dresses I purchased from H&M the other day? The black one fit me weirdly, and I didn't have a slip to wear underneath the blue dress, so I ended up returning them in exchange for two pairs of their "Stay Up Sheer Semi Shiny Thigh Highs" in Black! Something about thigh highs make me feel more confident about myself.

Afterwards, I randomly walked inside a nearby Brow Salon and had my eyebrows done on a whim! I figured I should since Abrann didn't get off for another thirty minutes. The price was $12, but it was so worth it! I love getting my eyebrows threaded. The results are much better than when I wax or tweez. I think it's one of the most important features next to eyes and complexion.

When hubby got off work, we went to the In n Out nearby and devoured some animal fries (sue me)! Before that happened, one of the cashiers asked if we were a couple (really?). I mean I was clinging onto him like a koala the whole time. (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) We nodded, and he said "you have a great look together." What does that even mean?! It was a compliment, I'm sure! I was pretty flattered. Especially since he was probably gay, and when a gay guy says something, it must be true! I always tell hubby how good we look together (keyword: together), and he always says "no, that's just you." Sigh. (๑- ₃ -๑) Anyway, people never cease to amuse me.

After that, we went home and while hubby played more LoL, I played with Lil while restocking on my Étude House Baby Choux Base ($15). I usually use Berry, but I purchased Peach this time as it is better suited for yellowish skin tones. This is the perfect foundation base product to give me that fair look!

peach choux swatched from musingsofamuse.com

I've also been itching to go somewhere between dyeing my hair blonde to really light brown. My hair is currently a level 5, but I want to go to level 7! With ashier tones, of course.

I don't know why, but my hair has been lightening up like crazy, but I suppose that will make this lightening process easier with porous hair. I was looking at these hair colors, and figure how happy I'd be with even lighter tresses. I used to think that light hair would make me look darker, but I doubt the contrast will be they obvious since I'm light to begin with.

I plan on using Palty Sparkling Blonde to lift my hair color evenly

 and then Palty Milk Tea Brown to tone it down. The result should look like this, if not a tad darker:

I'm so excited! I haven't decided when I will do it, but it will be sometime around this month!

Now at this moment, hubby is lying on my lap while we continue Boy Meets World. Thanks for reading, and Happy Friday!

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  1. That's such a weird dream :/ I find that whenever I try to recount my dreams to my boyfriend, it always never seems to make as much sense as when I was dreaming...

    Are animal fries, fries in the shape of animals?

    Haha I love your alpaca!


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