Product Review: NARS Albatross Blush Highlighter

Hey everyone!

Today I will be reviewing NARS Albatross Blush Highlighter. I love highlighters because they instantly bring your face a fresh and youthful look!

How much is it?

I bought mine from Sephora for about $21.

What is it?

It is called a "blusher," but I use it as more of a highlighter, as it'd look weird applied all over my cheek.


As for the pros, it is is finely milled, so it doesn't look like caked on. However, after wearing it a couple times, I realized the "gold sheen" gives me an unflattering highlight. On my yellow-based skin, it looks off. I don't usually have this problem with other highlighter on my NW 20-25 skin. However, I've seen pictures where it looks gorgeous on other skin tones!

Will you repurchase?

If NARS came out with a shade without the yellowiness, then I'm on board! But for this shade, it's a no. In sum, everything else about the product is great, except the color!

I think I'll be sticking to my ELF shimmer palette for now!

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