Review: Laneige BB Cushion SPF50 and Its Ultimate Verdict

I have been loving Laneige. I updated my skincare routine a couple weeks ago and centered my skincare around Korean products, as I love the quality that is put into them. 

I was so happy to see that this brand retailed in a convenient store like Target. While I think the Laneige Bright and Renew skincare products I've been using have showed much promise, I've had mixed feelings over their BB cushion.

Please note that this is the Americanized product, not the Korean one. The American version has three shades, whereas the Korean one has four. I chose the lightest shade ("Light"), and was so excited to bring it home and try it out. I purchased this at Target for $38. Personally, that price is more steep than what I'm used to paying.

While I loved the ingredient and beneficial skin ingredients a true BB cream should have, I couldn't bring myself to totally fall in love with the product and I'll tell you why.

This product was too sheer for my liking.  Think of tinted-moisturizer-sheer. Even if I layered the product, it wouldn't build, and this product taught me that I prefer more opaque face makeup. I also feel that opaque face makeup helps me achieve the look of even-toned skin tone. Plus I like having a light skin tone, while I feltthat  even with the lightest shade this bb cushion didn't brighten my face the way I usually like it. I definitely had to set this product (Rimmel Stay Matte 20) otherwise it would transfer everywhere. I definitely saw immediate ceasing in my eye area prior to setting it.

I might try layering another foundation or something of the sort to add more color, but who knows? I could use this in lieu of my current sunscreen lotion Shiseido White  Lucent Lotion SPF18.

Complaints aside, I did love the healthy glow it gave me, its lightweight feel, the unique puff application, its pleasant and subtle scent, the beneficial ingredients, and especially the SPF50. I also thought it was neat that this product came with a refill.

If layering it doesn't work, I only hope I can find my target receipt so I can refund it!

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