Ulta Finds: Changing Foundation, New Pink Lips, and Holy Grail Lashes Blurb

• Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation SPF18 in Fair Sand
• Nyx Simply Pink First Base
• Ardell Double Up Lashes 206 

I made another Ulta trip with my boyfriend Sky, who was so kind to take me! I love how willing he is to do things like this with me and not complain at all (which I imagine most guys to be like?) I guess I just have it that good~

I completed my foundation mission last night. I've been having mixed feelings about my Flower Beauty BB Cream. I own shades BB1 and BB2. I use BB1 when I want a lighter-looking complexion, and BB2 for when I'm tanner. Lately I've been thinking that there's something off about these "bb creams."
  1. BB1 is the right kind of lightness, but straight up looks pale on me.
  2. BB2 had a nice yellow tone, but was too dark.
  3. These products apply too patchy and looks like a mask tbh
  4. These products oxidize!!!
  5. These products have parabens!

Yesterday, I thought I'd mix both together for a more perfect match. I did that yesterday, and hated how it oxidized on me. Before getting out of the car, I swatched both shades on my inner wrist. I wanted to use these as reference points when comparing some of the Tarte shades. At a glance, I thought BB1 was comparable to Fair Sand and BB2 to Light Sand. After letting these swatches oxidize, it looked patchy and uneven. In a way, I was relieved. I've been wanting a new foundation anyway. So I'm done with you, Flower Beauty. It's time for me to enjoy life with higher end foundation!

Anyway, this Tarte foundation wasn't a first-time purchases. (Neither were the lashes, but I'll go into that later.) I've used Tarte Amazonian Clay 12hr Foundation SPF15 in the past (last year to be exact) , both shades Fair Sand and Light Sand.  Initially, I was expecting for Light Sand to be my shade match; after all it is described to be for "light skin tones with yellow undertones," whereas Fair Sand is for "fair skin tones with yellow undertones." Personally, I consider myself to be light now more than fair (I missing having porcelain skin tbh), but the swatch test left me a little bewildered. After swatching the two shades again last night and letting both Fair Sand and Light Sand oxidize, I was shocked to see how much darker Light Sand was than my inner wrist. Fair Sand matched my inner wrist perfectly, and that's the shade I went with! Remember when I said I swatched my Flower Beauty BB Creams earlier? I was able to compare all four shades, and this is where I really saw the difference in product quality. Tarte looked perfectly blended in, whereas Flower Beauty looked patchy and uneven. In the end, you really do get what you pay for. Interestingly enough, I use Tarte's Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in "Light Sand," but it isn't dark at all like its foundation counterpart proved to be. At the end of the day, I still consider myself to be light over fair, but with different makeup brands you can't always go by that rationale. In this case, with Tarte. I can't help but wonder if I can use this foundation at night? I am aware that SPF makeup under flash photography is a big no no, but after watching "itsjudytime"'s review on YouTube, this foundation doesn't leave that weird white cast? I definitely have to do a test-shot if I plan on using this in Vegas next weekend.

I started using Ardell Double Up 206 last week on a whim, and was in love. Much to my surprise, the double-stacked lash wasn't too overpowering on my eye. In fact, the lash design made my eyes look big and awake. I can't stress enough how important lash style is because it can completely change the shape and depth of your eye. A couple days ago, I was at the Eastlake beauty supply store by my house looking for more of the 206. Sadly, I didn't see any, so I purchased their 202 style hoping it would give me that big and awake look I saw in 206, but no. It looked so heavy on my eye, and made me die a little on the inside because I went to school looking like that. LOL. I made a mental note to myself that they only sell 206 in-store at Ulta. Darn you, Eastlake beauty supply, Target, and Rite Aid.

As for, that gorgeous pink lippie, I couldn't resist adding a neutral-cool-toned medium pink to my makeup stash! I will admit that, yes, I tend to buy every lip shade that has that similar hue to it. However, they usually oxidize into a warm bright pink and I end up being disappointed (See: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul). Although, I guess my pH levels factors into that. The only neutral/cool pink lippies that left me happy is Baby Lips Pink Punch and NYX Butter Lip Gloss Merengue. I guess I bought this product in the hopes of it having more lasting power than Pink Punch and Merengue. I'm also wondering if the shade will be similar to these two or will it be a new pink I have not owned yet! I haven't gotten ready yet, but I am excited to wear it later on.

Will post a selfie later of me wearing these products, so stay tuned!

  • Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara in 01 or 03
    • Side Note: I made a realization about eyebrows and coloring. Western eyebrow colors really work best if your eyebrow was light enough to begin with. I lighten my brows occasionally, but as of late, they are in its natural black form. I've been using "blonde" hued products, hoping it would make my brows appear lighter, but up close all I can see is a light brown colored brow with black hairs. Am I wrong for looking at it this way or should I take more drastic measures and use this product I stumbled upon? Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara is a brow-tint mascara that gives the illusion of lighter brows. I feel like with this product I won't need to bleach my brows and anymore. Upon looking at the swatches online, I could go for 01 (Yellow-brown) or 03 (Ash-brown). My hair has gotten so light again, that having dark brows (even with a blonde pencil) really doesn't cut it for me. Lucky for me, there's a Daiso not even ten minutes away from Sky's house!

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